Radha Rani

     Radha meaning the "queen of devotion". Radha began doing yoga to
    regain strength and range of movement after having both knees operated
    on in her early twenties. She was inspired by a jivamukti teacher Emma Henry.
    After practising for many years she travelled to California to take her first
    teacher training in Ananda yoga. This is a more meditative style of yoga.
    The poses are traditional Hatha poses with the emphasis on holding and
    using mental affirmations to keep the direction of energy flowing up the
    astral spine into the super-conscious mind. Radha then journeyed to India
    to study with Yogi Vishvketu in Rishikesh, the home of yoga. This teacher
    training taught her many different styles including the one designed by
    Yogi Vishva, Akhanda Yoga. Akhanda means "unbroken" which
    incorporates all the aspects of yoga: Pranayam, Asana, Bhakti (chanting),
    relaxation and meditation. Akhanda level 1 is quite gentle, where as 2
    involves more advanced poses, and Akhanda flow is more like the
    jivamukti style that first inspired Radha to travel down this path.
    Radha also teaches meditation and leads Kirtan, singing and
    playing her harmonium.