Nick Bradley (Yogi Sadashiv) 

     SadaShiv means "always welbeing", Shiva being the
    powerful deity who is the god of destruction. Destruction
    needs to occur so that rebirth can take place. Nick is a co-founder
    of Shiva Shakti Yoga. He is now the primary teacher for 
    the Akhanda Teacher Trainings on the Gold Coast in association
    with Shiva Shakti Yoga in Byron Bay. He started practicing
    yoga asanas (postures), meditation and Reiki from a young age.
    Ashtanga yoga led him to Mysore, India to study with the
    Ashtanga Guru Sri K Pattabhi Jois and his grandson Sharath
    inspiring Nick to learn more about the human body and this great
    tradition. Nick has studied with many teachers around
    the world. He has completed courses like Simon
    Borg-Oliver’s ‘Applied Anatomy and Physiology to Hatha
    Yoga’. Nick also undertook study with Kevin Farrow with
    whom he studied accurate energy anatomy and how to
    profoundly influence the energetic body. Over the years
    Nick taught Ashtanga yoga in Sydney at Ashtanga Yoga
    Space whilst often returning to India to study and practice
    Yoga and finally working with Yogi Vishvketu on yogic
    cleansing rituals known as shatkarma.