Laura Phipps

A current student of Ayurveda and a practicing yogini, Laura works towards living a conscious existence aligning with spirit and sharing her love of yoga, spirituality, philosophy, health and existence in all that she does. "Life is a gift and we are here to learn how to utilize that gift, waking up to our true essence of what we are is a continual journey that is refined time and time again, I hope to share the lessons that enrich my life and call me home to my true essence."


Laura enjoys teaching with a combination of yoga styles. Her classes are a balance of flowing vinyasa and the stillness of yin. She incorporates her knowledge of philosophy and alignment cues with hands on adjustments to offer an all-encompassing practice. With options for everybody her classes are great for beginners AND the advanced yogi. Laura has trained in several styles of yoga including power yoga, yin yoga and hatha vinyasa, travelling globally attending ashrams, teacher training and personal development courses for the past 8 years.