Kirsty Thompson

Kirsty isn't sure what she wants to do when she grows up, but whatever she does, she does with absolute authenticity. 

Freedom of movement and freedom of self expression are two of her guiding principles in life, and she brings these to her yoga practice and teaching style Whilst we need to understand correct alignment for the physical and energetic benefits of yogasanas, she believes our innate self-knowledge, if we learn how to listen to it, will guide us in our practice. Through sustained effort, relaxed concentration, and trust in ourselves, we learn the body awareness necessary to have a most fruitful practice. What that means to one person may be different to another, but the outcome is the itty bitty bit more connection to self, an itty bit more connection to each other, and an itty bit more happiness in the world. If you believe in that sort of thing. Which you don't have to, you'll enjoy her classes anyway!

Kirsty's practice has been informed by a variety of teachers and schools, including traditional Hatha,Vinyasa, Tantra and Kundalini. She studied with Agama Yoga in India and Akhanda Yoga in Australia, drawing on her teacher's deep knowledge and respect for the traditional, holistic approach to yoga.
A focus on pranayama and asanas allows us the peace of mind to meditate, either through movement or stillness, and this brings our life to yoga.