Vinyasa Flow

Is a class suitable for all levels with the teacher offering
    variations on postures from simple to advanced. Strong
    postures working on a deep level of awareness, introducing
    pranayama (energy breathing exercises) and the
    bandhas (energy lock).

    Students are encouraged to witness how asana and
    pranayama help to release blockages and cleanse the mind of
    thoughts and emotions which are no longer needed. This class
    is intended to inspire those who are new to yoga to increase
    strength and flexibility and those who already have a developed
    practice to go deeper challenging themselves to their full potential
    but still being mindful of balance.

    There is a natural flow between postures allowing you to focus on
    your body in a meditative way going deeper into the self. Strong
    uplifting asanas at the start of the class are followed by deep
    nervous system calming postures such as inversions and
    savasna at the resolution of the class. This is called the yang/yin
    effect, or Shiva/Shakti.