A safe practice of Hatha Yoga for you and your baby and
    an empowering class for all Mums to be. As your body
    changes through pregnancy we become looser in some
    areas and tighter in others to compensate for our growing
    babies. This practice will give you all round body strength to
    cope with these changes. Also focusing on breathing,
    pranayama techniques to help with birth and sound vibrations
    to encourage calmness and growth within your baby.

    Also using mental affirmations from the Ananda yoga series
    (see Radha’s bio) to help focus the mind that will let us tap
    into the inner strength we need to give birth. A safe regular
    practice during pregnancy will ease labour and make it easier
    for your body to bounce back after birth. Taught by Radha
    Rani who is also at this time pregnant.