Having trained as a singer Radha first discovered Kirtan at a Krishna Das
    concert and was moved by the intense level of energy inspired by the call
    and response way of Kirtan.

    Being a part of the concert rather than just listening had such a profound effect
    that it was only a matter of time before Radha wanted to give others the same
    experience. She began learning to play the harmonium and leading Kirtan at its
    roots in Rishikesh, Northern India. Since arriving in Australia she has started up
    a Kirtan group with fellow singer Stephanie Cranford called “Shakti Kirtan”
    invoking the divine feminine energy – “Shakti”

    Kirtan is the way of Bhakti yoga. It is devotional chanting. It frees the
most significantly vishuddha - the throat chakra, enhancing
    speech and freedom 
of expression. This type of chanting is very good for
    releasing emotional stress, 
guilt, fear, anger, jealousy and other strong
    emotions. Singing in this way uplifts 
the mood and calms the mind to a
    point where meditation is easily achieved.

    Even if all you do is sit and listen to the collective voices, the vibrations of
ancient Sanskrit language will help to heal on a deep level. Kirtan and
    yoga is 
accepting of all beliefs and religions - it is about finding the divine
    within yourself 
and sending love and light into the world.