One of Nick’s passions is long term Fasting (many fasts up to 40 days),
    organ purification and a strong interest in raw food and the effect it has on
    the bodies energy system, flexibility, the mind, emotions, reality perception
    and increasing consciousness. All of these practices combined allowed
    SadaShiv to understand ancient yoga texts (like the Hatha Yoga Pradipika)
    in a new light, where it says “practice shatkarma before asana”.

    Nick met his teacher Yogi Vishvketu in Rishikesh, India who is continuing
    to guide his study in Akhanda Yoga, particularly Shatkarmas, Mudras and
    Pranayama. Here Nick learnt many techniques like Vastra Dauti - swallowing
    7 meters of cloth, Trataka - eye purification and Neti techniques - sinus
    cleansing. He also has a strong passion to accurately map the main Indian
    Nadis (energy channels) of the body.

    Nick teaches Shatkarma on our Yoga Teacher Trainings for those wanting to
    further their journey 
into these realms of yoga.

    Dr. Nick Bradley is a registered Osteopath treating from his clinic,
    Optimum Wellbeing Centre alongside Naturopath, Cameron Barker.

    You can find Optimum Wellbeing Centre in Worongary, QLD.
    (Gold Coast, Australia).